Rotoscope (well, Courtney and I) were on WJFK last night. a 20 minute radio interview where they played both our tracks from the single and talked about everything from Zombie Porn to Fleetwood Mac. We’ll be posting an mp3 of the interview soon!

  1. Ova says:

    Brian:This was so refreshing to see. This is mere coiornmatifn of the very fact that the program directors, and general managers need to make CHANGES in the way the evaluate future programming. It's not too smart to add "more of the same" programming when the ratings continue to slip. I have a list of reasons (that are not either liberal or conservative leaning) of why the ratings are slipping in talk radio:#1 The programming is NOT entertaining.#2 Program directors REFUSAL to put fresh programming on the air, subscribing to "more of the same" mumbo-jumbo#3 Listeners have MORE options; now they don't have to SUFFER with piss-poor programming on the radio. There's Satellite radio, and internet radio, for example. #4 Radio stations have become very lazy. Instead of taking the necessary chance of putting a potential winning NEW program on the air, they would rather put a (so-called) "sure thing" on the air--ANOTHER syndicated "Drudge Report reader" on the radio. How long does radio station management believe they can survive continuing to insult the listener's intelligence by putting on OLD programming, DULL programming, and IRRELEVANT programming? There's another concern that I would love to address as well: Does talk radio today cross demographics? Or do they represent the SAME group of people? I say the latter, and it is confirmed by the prototypical talk show host today. I would love for someone to correct me if I'm wrong, but I know I'm not. The prototypical talk show host is a 49-year old white male. No matter what the specialty, position of the issue, or information intended to be disseminated to the people, does it ALL have to come from the voice of a 49-year old white man? Of course there are VERY few exceptions, but the rule is outrageous. Furthermore, the industry is CREATING talk show hosts out of ROCK JOCKS, as if no one else is interested in this profession? This practice is what the listeners are noticing, and it is showing in the ratings, which will continue to fall as long as they keep on doing the same thing.

  2. Ambrish says:

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