Rock the Vote

If you haven’t voted today, what’s your problem. Get up, go to your polling place, and exercise your responsibility as a citizen. It’s more than a right. It’s the place where true power lies. You don’t like what your president/representative/whoever did the last four years? Vote against them.

I personally tend to check things on the left side of the field, because they tend to align closest with my main issues. As long as you vote issues that concern you and actually research (e.g. if I hear another person say they’re voting for Bush because he’s fiscally conservative, I’m going to scream), then cool.

Derek has a nice little ditty about the current election.

And if you’re riding the fence about who to vote for, please consider John Kerry. The next president has a chance to appoint 4 or 5 justices to lifetime positions on the Supreme Court. That puts a lot of things that I personally consider major issues to me at risk.

Vote forth. Rock the Vote, Rap the vote, wrap it up in a big tuna sub… (thank you Dennis Leary)

  1. Grace says:

    At least you don't really need to vote. If Brazilians don't vote, can't study, can't work..can't do..ANYTHING.

    I vote since 16, I didn't need until 18. But I wanted; I thought it could make some difference...

    But there are people who only vote for some food or money... That's the worst thing here.

    Great politics has Brasil!

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