Don't use red!

Don’t use red to grade papers! It’s too harsh on kids.

This is political correctness gone too far. The culture of “everyone’s a winner as long as you play the game” is just gone from a good idea to a “don’t offend anyone” posture. There’s nothing good about failing. It shouldn’t be rosy colored. What are these kids going to do when they get into the real world? Are they going to cry because their boss told them that report was completely useless and that they’ve seen better empirical data in comic books?

People lose every day. If you don’t lose, how can winning mean anything? How can accomplishing something be anything? If you get the same response for doing nothing as for applying yourself, why would a young mind learn that application is essential?

The kids are alright, it’s just this “don’t offend or upset anyone” culture with lawsuit-happy parents because a teacher told a kid that they were lazy.

Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something…

  1. atakan says:

    I already did point it out. ~/.zshrc is suorced for interactive shells, not login shells.And another thing: terminals doesn't normally start a login shell when you're already logged in. (This prevents you from adding things to your environment twice or getting duplicate entries in $PATH, etc., and the like.) But Mac doesn't behave like a normal Unix-like system.

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