New. Rock. Amp.

Eric Anderson of Waking State runs this phat little boutique design/build electronics thing out of his basement in a completely “sure i can do that” kind of fashion. It’s called “Utopia.”

So I had heard Eric’s amp that he plays live with as well as the one he built for Morrigan, and the scrambler and fulldrive pedal mods he made for me were sweet, so I said, “self, you need a Utopia Amp.” And self listened, and told Eric.

A short time later, I have a sexy burgundy and gold mylar rock and roll amp based on an AC-15. It’s called the Mojo 30. And it’s so sexy I’m afraid to take it to smoky dens of sin to rock out with it. My AC-30 looks like it went through Fallujah, but this amp is so pristine, I dare not take it live. Not yet, at least.

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  1. kolonay says:

    simply gorgeous...

  2. Maiara says:

    Mark & Melanie wow Owen is just beautiful! The day he was born, Betty got the call while we all were still seilpeng, and she and Granddaddy left without making a sound. I know she was excited to be Grandma again. They have been keeping me updated with pictures. Being a parent is one of the greatest joys in life. Much love and many blessings are sent to all of you for a wonderful year of all the firsts Owen will have.Elizabeth these pictures are AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing them on your site.

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