1. Grace says:

    WOW! P-e-r-f-e-c-t!
    Talented kids ;D

  2. dediche says:

    Sup Mrs C it's JoshYes I really eoenyjd my holiday because I went to Canberra to see my aunty Kaye.It was an 8 hour drive because there was heaps of road works on the way up.In Canberra it was REALLY COLD!!! and where aunty Kaye lived was near the mountains.We went to the national zoo and aquarium,city centre mall,a big science fair called questacon and my cousin Matty is in a band called so long saftey.I met the band and got a so long saftey tee-shirt.And when i got back i went strait to mums house and like always i got spoilt rotten.I got heaps of WWE DVD's A Rambo twin pack DVD set and a WWE micro agression set . This term I want to learn more about blogging so I can decorate my blog a bit more. The new skills I would like to acqire are to learn my 4-7 tables better. The skills I would like to develop further are my Diary Maths. that's all later Mrs C

  3. Terelu says:

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