Flickr Is Your Friend

I, along with most of my “online” friends, have a tendency to act like Japanese tourists. We take pictures of EVERYTHING. “Oh look! a beer glass with condensation! That’s SOOO Macro mode!”

It’s a disease. The only thing worse than TAKING the photos was finding a way to actually share them adequately without breaking the bank or spending weeks on a development project. Don’t get me wrong. StopDesign’s approach is phenomenal, and one day I might replicate it, but not today.

I recently signed up for Flickr and started posting photos there. I rapidly ran out of space and then went to the pro level. Now with some iPhoto integration courtesy of a free plugin, I’m easily able to bag it, tag it, and sell it to the butcher at the store in a very short amount of time.

Anyway, until I get gutsy and decide to start writing some crazy code, you can see all my new photos here.

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  1. .sara says:

    "Oh look! a beer glass with condensation! That's SOOO Macro mode!"

    Are you mocking me? Hmph.

  2. Maria says:

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  3. Dulap says:

    Aye i wouldnt imingae il upload every single day but for the first wee while as we get to grips with the new camera im sure il be full of enthusiasm for it we shall see

  4. Sofia says:

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