Search Engine Strategies New York

I’m in Manhattan for the week for the Search Engine Strategies conference. A lot of things we’ve known for a while for which we’re just getting thumbs up, but a lot of newer developments and ideas or different applications of methodologies. I’m simply amazed that this many people are here working on this stuff.

Content really is king (still).

  1. Keiichirou says:

    Since Rails rqeeirus ExecJS, and ExecJS rqeeirus one of many different Javascript runtimes, I prefer to just install a system Javascript runtime. On Ubuntu, it's easy to install Node.js through Apt `aptitude install nodejs`, although the package is outdated. I usually build Node.js from source, so I have a more recent version. It's fairly straightforward. The reason I prefer to have a system Javascript runtime is twofold: 1) I feel it will be faster to run Node.js (which is written in C) than one written in Ruby; 2) It keeps 'therubyracer' out of my Gemfile, so when I work with other devs on Mac or Windows machines, they are able to use whichever Javascript runtime they prefer.

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