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Okay, Google. I [heart] you. Really I do. I don’t know where you come up with these little brilliant things, but they rule. Case in point? Google Maps Satellite style. I can see all sorts of things:

The Office

The new house

Athayde’s Acres in Lodi, California

My Mom’s parents in Reno, Nevada

The house where I grew up in Yorktown, VA

I mean, the map was cool. But this? this is just even better. “I can see my house from heeeeeeeere…” [via A Whole Lotta Nothing (Matt Haughey)]

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  1. will schlick says:

    yeah, let's just say this freaked me out a WEE BIT. One of the coolest features? Flyaround. And if you want to see something REALLY SWEET, check out some of the military installations (one of my personal preferences = Nellis AFB, Las Vegas.

  2. Chandrima says:

    Thank you, Panayotis. Glad to know you enjoyed it. You're corcert. The ASP MVC team at Microsoft is probably one of the best teams in there. But yes, they *are* still behind, and they don't take in commits from the community. :-/

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