I Am That Bleeding Edge Updater

Yes. I was in line outside the Apple Store to get Tiger (OS X 10.4). Yes I installed it (from scratch) this weekend. Yes, I am that guy. And I’m loving it.

The bulk of the features have been covered extensively by various other websites, but one thing I found that made my life immensely simpler is something so mundane, most people would think it silly to mention it. In 10.3, if you had iChat running in the background, and someone sent you a message, it would bring it to the foreground, regardless of what you were doing. In 10.4, it kindly stays where it was and bounces a dock icon once. The number of times I’ve been focused on a second monitor with the sound off only to have the typing stop…

Anyway, I’ve got pretty much every single app from 10.3 working in 10.4 with little or no finessing. And I’ve got a freshly wiped hard drive that I’m going to try to get organized this time around (yeah, right).

If you haven’t upgraded yet, make a list of your mission critical apps, check the web for which ones are having issues (MacSlash has a pretty good reference of them in these two threads: 1 2) and then play forth.

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