Off to the Derby

I’m driving down to Louisville with Diana for the Kentucky Derby to watch Gary ride and hang out with my sister. It should be a funtastic weekend. Yes. Funtastic. Gary will be riding Noble Causeway and the race is May 7th at 6pm. Be sure to tune in and watch!

So much for the May 1st reboot, which I’ve now completely missed. Look for the Boboroshi 6.5 update after my return.

  1. Joel says:

    Hey John,
    Did you take these shots with the Nikon D70 (the mack daddy all digital, way too many options camera)? Great camera, I'll have to send you some shots i've taken using those at work. Word of caution though, you hit too many buttons on that thing and it'll switch to Japanese.

  2. John Athayde says:

    Joel -

    Yes it's the D70 (for the shots in the gallery). The shot in this entry is actually from last year's Preakness, and was taken with my Nikon CoolPix 950. I've not yet discovered the Japanese mode. Must. Go. Play. Danielson.

  3. Jessy says:

    I could tell I had become a litlte too familiar with VFTB when I saw that Soto hit a home run tonight and my first reaction was, Wow, Lizzie must be happy

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