FUR nightclub: a debacle

Furnightclub D.C Hustles the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!

On Saturday June 4th, the long time planned Dishwalla show at FUR
nightclub, a benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society took
place. However, FUR breached their contract with my group in more
ways than one. Ultimately, tarnishing the shows success and jading
the goal to raise money for charity.

First, when people called to find out info about the show, Fur’s
management would say “we don’t know what you’re talking about.” On
the day of the event, Management and staff would not give out
directions to people trying to make there way to the club. They
would simply either hang up on people (all of the people who called
got lost in route… Most of the people I talked to said it took
them 2 hours to find the club, most gave up and went home). 75% of
the proceeds were to be donated to the LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA

They threatened to throw out Dishwalla, Welbilt, and The Hint’s
equipment more than once before the show started.


At 11pm FUR turned off all sound in the middle of Dishwalla’s set.
They were unable to complete the show. Soon after a team of about
25, huge body gaurd type men, went back stage and quickly began
moving Dishwalla’s equipment out through the back door. The band,
their management, and sound personnel were told to shut up and
leave. Once everything was PUSHED out of the building, and on to the
street, none of us were allowed back in. One of my partners, who is
20 weeks pregnant, and not to mention the person who paid for this
event, had to use the bathroom. The 500 pound body guard Fur posted
at the back door would not let her back in. We had to beg him and
finally he said fine, but no one could go with her.

These people consistently told us to FUCK off all day “literally.”

This establishment bullied and hustled the Leukemia and Lymphoma
Society, all of the bands, our sponsors, and my company.

We are beginning a campaign to BLACK LIST FUR NIGHT CLUB. Starting
with one of the largest booking agency’s in the world, THE AGENCY
I have never in my life dealt with such an unprofessional venue. It
was truly shocking and upsetting. I feel horrible for what they have
done to Welbilt, The Hint, and Dishwalla. Much more happened that I
can not divulge legally. I can not, and will not let them get away
with this.

If anyone is interested, please repost this message and Thank you
for reading.
  1. mays says:

    dude. friday night. wanna go to fur nightclub? it'll be AWEshhhome!

  2. Ivan says:

    , I know exactly how you feel! I was focred to go to therapist in my mid teens (age 14 to 16) and she was the same way. Very confrontational and she constantly made assumptions and demanded answers to questions in the same insulting way. I later found out that she didn't have experience counseling teens or people with depression but specialized in drug addiction. Now as an adult I can see how her tactics would make sense for a drug addict but wow they are not good for connecting with people who just need to sound out their problems. Big difference! The bottom line is you need to be comfortable in a therapy session not feel like you are being put on trial.

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