[Steve] Jobs at Stanford

Steve Jobs gave the commencement address this year at Stanford University.

It was a sideways motivational speech. Instead of giving the traditional pat on the back, he pushed the go-your-own-way mentality by showing how his life steps became clear only in the rearview.

I didn’t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.

During the next five years, I started a company named NeXT, another company named Pixar, and fell in love with an amazing woman who would become my wife. Pixar went on to create the worlds first computer animated feature film, Toy Story, and is now the most successful animation studio in the world. In a remarkable turn of events, Apple bought NeXT, I retuned to Apple, and the technology we developed at NeXT is at the heart of Apple’s current renaissance. And Laurene and I have a wonderful family together.

And the best part of the speech was his challenge to the graduates: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

I don’t remember who spoke at my graduation. I do remember the speech being unspectacular and not motivating. And I think it comes down to a culture thing for an institution. Catholic University? Conservative wasteland. Stanford? Liberal hotbed.

You do the math.

Do any of you remember your graduation address? Was it even worth listening for those 15 minutes?

  1. .sara says:

    No and no. I remember the bottles of Bombay Sapphire, though. (Yes, during the ceremony.)

  2. Nikki says:

    Of all people, we had Ben Stein. And though he's a raging conservative, he was pretty funny. And I'd say worth the 15 minutes. :)

  3. Cheby says:

    maybe you should see if whevetar you want to do requiers college if being a youtuber is what you want to do, then go to school while doing your vids if you make enough money, then you can drop out. and it wud be beneficial to learn somemore special effects and stuff in college . im a freshmen in college.. it sucks but i know ill need the education

  4. Victor says:

    Me gusto mucho este veddeo porque me ensef1f3 a seugir adelante sin importar los obste1culos. Le agradesco a steve jobs por ensef1arle al mundo q la historia nunca termina. R.i.P. Steve Jobs.

  5. Dwika says:

    I think this speech is about how <a href="http://vnccah.com">evneithyrg</a> has a reason to be. Connecting the dots, the story about love and lost, and the third one, about death; are all about how he has trusted himself through most of his life and how doing what you like is the best way to live. Death Is the Single Best Invention of Life Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. and Stay hungry, stay foolish are great arguments to support his speech.Finally, the point of this, is that you have to do things you won't regret of, that you will be proud of. And to never stop being ambitious (stay hungry) and keep the want of learning (stay foolish).

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