The Bat... Man...

Friday night I went to see Batman Begins with Diana over at Ballston and I was pleasantly surprised at the way the movie brought Bruce Wayne into a real, tangible person more so than any of the other movies. Derek Powazek summed it up over the weekend really well:

<Batman Begins reminded me of what I loved about the old Frank Miller take on the character. Here was a man so ravaged by loss, he tries to rid an entire city of crime by himself.

Batman has no superpowers. He was not bitten by a radioactive spider, not touched by magic space gas, not fallen from a distant planet. What he has is rage. Guilt. Anger. And, to be honest, a whole lot of money. Which, ya know, helps.


The movie has totally reborn the character and the storyline. It’s characters are real and the performances brilliant. And unlike the first Batman movie, the best parts aren’t already in the trailers.

Yeah. Like that.

  1. Jeremy Kolonay says:

    Batman has easily been my favorite movie in the theater this year. Unlike the new Star Wars flick, Batman Begins included MASTERFUL use of CGI, if any at all. I don't remember a single shot and thinking "that looks fake". Now, let's see a sequal, helmmed by the same director.

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