"Organamatizing" with Backpack

I have a bad habit that I developed with the advent of tabbed browsing. I’ll generally run around with a good 25 tabs open in 4 or so windows in Safari. I do this because i don’t want to make a bookmark that gets lost in a sea of bookmarks, and it generally ends up just grinding my machine to a halt.

Enter 37signals’ Backpack. When this first came to market I didn’t see the immediate benefit. But I started playing with it as a location to get links and files for my recent endeavors with the Meticulous VFX Pipeline and Ruby on Rails into one public place where I could comment on what each link was and group them accordingly.

So my backpack site has mainly stuff related to that. Just another example of good Web 2.0 apps: light, to the point, and very powerful at a very specific set of tools.

  1. Cinta says:

    No, I meet Wiley a couple of mtonhs after the Rails talk. I meet him at the Open Tuesday conference where DJ gave a talk about XOOPs. That being said if I didn't go to the BLUG I wouldn't have found out about Open Tuesday.

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