Metric at the 9:30 Club

I went to see and photograph Metric’s first headlining show in DC at the 9:30 Club. I was shooting for OnTap magazine.

The band has gotten better and better each time I’ve seen them. I saw them open for the Walkmen and another show opening for the Stills—both times at the 9:30 Club. The new album is a nice progression from Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? and was produced by the band’s guitarist, James Shaw. Based off the stuff I’ve heard (going back to their now ancient Static Anonimity EP), he’s got to be a mad scientist in the studio. Although you don’t hear it in a lot of the music, his pedal board rivals my own.

The photos from the show are on a set at Flickr. I’ve now got to audit the photos of the other two opening bands.

  1. Yossra says:

    Tony:I think Tom has it dead on. All shooters, at all leelvs, are looking to understand what has happened. This revolution will only go on to change how things are done, as the doors have now been blown open and pro images can be made on $600 cameras that are being compared to 35mm film cameras. Meanwhile the Zacuto's and RRMicros are making a ton of money as we try to turn these little cameras into film cameras instead of finding out how best use them. The cameras end up being the cheapest part of the deal. And we slam more and more junk on them instead of finding out what they do best. The guy I bought my slide dolly from uses a cinch tie and a marking card as his follow focus. Works great. And I agree that the best accessory for these light weight cameras are the glide cams. Remarkable shots, once you learn how.Also the software that ships with the Canons is the way to go. In the next rev I'm sure they'll let you capture with it and rename and review the files instantly on a nice 17 monitor the way that On Location did in the Adobe suite. I was never sure why that didn't catch on.It's a remarkable time to be involved with making images. As with most things, the easiest is probably the best. But we all love our toys and none of us seem comfortable with not having to buy the newest bunch of contraptions. The $3400 Zacuto rig seems cheap by pro film or video standards, but is silly when you stop and step back, as Tom has correctly suggested, and look at the forest/tree issue for a second. You could just put the money in your pocket or take the family on a trip to Italy. And shoot some stuff for fun.Tony

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