1. Bara says:

    When booking my time, the Project no lnoger displays.This happens in FF (9.0.1), Chrome (17.0.963.46 m) and IE 9.If I click on the drop-down list then the list shows up and I can select a project. However, when I have made my selection and the list collapses up again, the selected project doesn't display under the task description. When I select the drop-down arrow again then the correct project is still selected.Looking at the HTML with Firebug, it seems that the element that should(?) contain the name of the project is coming through as empty:I might have the wrong end of the stick, I don't know I've cleared the cache and restarted by browser. Not tried restarting the PC yet Not a biggie, but I'm fairly sure this was working OK yesterday.Cheers.

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