MEL Script Bundle for TextMate

I’ve been spenging most of my development time recently in MacroMates’ TextMate Application. Most of my time has been with Rails development, but I’ve really come to like the way that the syntax highlighting and auto-complete functionality works. Having started to get under the hood with Maya recently for production pipeline work, I was a bit bummed to not see MEL syntax highlighting in TextMate. So, after dropping into the #textmate channel on, I decided to try my hand at building a bundle.

And here it is. This is a really, really simple, entry level bundle for me… but it works. I’ve based this off of MEL 7, and please submit any bugs to me as you run into them.

Download MEL Bundle for Textmate 0.1

  1. Daiana says:

    The only thing I didn’t see was a project woidnw which you could import your Rails project framework into for easy access. There is a button called Light Explorer at toolbar, third one at the end. You can use that button to see your framework or folders.When i first begin to the rails, simply i searched at ruby forums for a text editor and may be an IDE, i have found several IDEs, text editors etc I downloaded every single of them. And i choosed to use Notepad++. I have to say that, beginners must not use an IDE, firstly it is confusing, there are a lot of buttons with unknown meanings-features. If a beginner use an IDE, he/she can give a lot of time to understand that IDE, may be after 1-2 months of rails training, IDEs can be used but not for beginning, i seriously not recommend to use an IDE for rails first. You already listed some features of notepad++. I can't add more. In textmate even a simple .yml file can be highlighted but in notepad++ it cant be, anyway if you know where to look at, this wouldnt be a problem. If i dont use notepad++ for rails, i may use e-texteditor on woidnws. It is so close to textmate but it is shareware and price is not for one time.Conclusion : Notepad++ is the an excellent choice for rails on woidnws.

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