Digging Out and Looking Ahead

It’s been a hectic fall, lemmejusttellyou. Between The Sandbox screening at the LA Shorts Fest, Pixar, and the Bilbao festival in Spain, to taking on managing the creative services department at work, to working on the production pipeline to recording an album in Raleigh… I’m tapped out!

But it’s been a great year. The film is doing well. Meticulous is doing well. The jobby job is doing well. The music (all the various projects) are doing well. And I got to see the Cardinals play at RFK this year. Really, how can you top all that? Here’s to a 2006 that is just as productive and rewarding as 2005. And here’s to you and yours in the holiday season.

  1. Esperanca says:

    I just downloaded the Custom Item Generator and inlelsatd it in Sitecore 6.4.1. However when I push the Generate button in the tool window I recieve the error Unable to find resource CustomItem.base.vm' . I have tried downloading the source code and stepped through it in debug mode but as far as I can see the path to the nVelocity templates is resolved correctly and set in CustomItemGenerator.CodeGenerator.GenerateCode() in line 41 props.SetProperty( file.resource.loader.path , NvelocityUtil.GetTemplateFolderPath()); where GetTemplateFolderPath() returns the correct physical path for the NVelocity template folder.Have you encountered this error?

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