Getting christmasy at the 1608

We finally got a tree at the house and it’s starting to feel a bit more like the holiday season. It’s a bit odd actually owning my own place and being able to do it without feeling like I’m stepping on other people’s toes. So some candy canes, some lights, and one of the last trees on the lot, and I’m set. W00t.

  1. Rocking says:

    This is a different suotlion that also works:1) download the svn-source from the custom item generator (cig)2) make it a .NET 4 project3) add the default NVelocity dll (the one you use in your sitecore website) to the cig-project4) build the cig-project5) copy/paste the CustomItemGenerator.dll from the cig-project to the sitecore website.6) build the sitecore website suotlion.

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