Sandbox Review

The Sandbox was reviewed by Animation World Network magazine in their “Fresh from the festivals” column. Not a stellar review, but the things they pointed out were things that we knew.

  1. The animation and cloth aren’t great
    We did it on a laptop in a hurry and the whole thing was done by a compositor.
  2. They can’t read subtitles
    “You’ll build a better house someday” is not the line. “You’ll build another castle someday” is. And it’s a world of difference in meaning. It’s not about better, it’s about rebuilding a family and maintaining a memory of ancestry.

They did give us some nice quoteables, “Every frame of The Sandbox is a paragon of CGI verisimilitude,” but it’s always a bit of a smack down when you get a review that isn’t great, even when you know they’re pretty spot on with some of their comments.

Oh well. We know what to do better next time.

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