37signals Get Real

I went up to the Apple Powerbook convention Getting Real workshop in Chicago put on by 37signals on Friday. The workshop focuses on the company’s approach to building web applications and basically getting a better product in the end. Since most of the things we’re starting to build at work are either internal or external applications of this type, this came at a perfect time. It didn’t hurt that we got to play with Campfire all day (pre-release).

Some of the best take-aways (most of these are detailed in the Signal vs Noise blog)

  1. Kill requirements documents.
  2. Start small and constantly use your app. You’ll know what needs to change.
  3. Focus. Don’t be a swiss army knife. Be one hell of a buck knife.
  4. Clean interface. Clean Code
  5. Emulate Drug Dealers. Get the end user hooked so they’re begging (and ideally paying) for more.

Fun stuff. If you can get to this, you should do so. They are also putting out a book detailing their methodology.

  1. Paulo says:

    Params needs to be described. I'd like a geaernl routine to dump params in an html table format but haven't got around to writing it yet. Anybody done this?You have to inspect for hashes inside of hashes and so on.

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