New Ambient Track "Apollo"

Yes, it’s a blatant rip-off/paying homage to Brian Eno and his 1983 album of the same name. I was playing around with the pedalboard of joy and wonder tonight, specifically with the Line6 Filter Modeler, and I found a cool setting where the pedal itself generated a tone. Ran this through a chorus pedal on crack, into the Digitech Whammy and then some delay added, and I got a cool flute/synth like sound. Record that for a few minutes, cut and paste something together. Then I began tracking other ideas over it with Absynth, Reason, and my guitar rig.

This will either be a Boboroshi and Kynz track or it may very well find its way onto either the begining or end of the new, as yet untitled Rotoscope album we are recording at Lowwatt in Raleigh.

Enjoy: Apollo (2.9MB)

  1. daniel says:

    I LIKE! Is it CC licensed? I might use it in something, if so.

  2. John Athayde says:

    It's not, but I can work something up for you if you want to use it. Since it's probably going to be released commercially, I have to keep it relatively tied up.

  3. Camilo says:

    que parecem dtnsieadas a desferir permanentes socos da cara da hipocrisia, e o Doutor Sf3crates, o mais brasileiro dos boleiros, e9 uma delas. No segunda metade da de9cada de 70, quando despontou no Botafogo de Ribeire3o Preto,

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