1. Marco says:

    Thank you for the compliment You can get the cut off brhnaces to issue roots, but you must cut them off in the early spring, and put rooting hormone on the cut off ends, and put them in soil, and keep them in the shade, with a dish of water nearby to keep the humidity up.

  2. Bubul says:

    You must be using Tokyo representationally. Because, Tokyo does not seem to be the issue and, Japan has as much, if not more, to fear from China as a miiarlty force, just as they do North Korea, than even the continental United States does.But, as with North Korea, China's bluster-effect can't be overlooked here. The only thing China has going for it is it's huge population and yet among that population (as again in North Korea), the human conditions are fragile-to-struggling.Look at the huge numbers of people who illegally (and some, legally) immigrate from China and Korea to the U.S., same with Mexico and Central/South America they aren't scrambling to get to the U.S. for nothing, although much of the incentive is economic, not at all philosophical nor religious. The contradictory terms appear when the wealth of a population is considered versus their desperation economically in which case, the U.S. is threatened by either/both extremes (better the economy with a threatening miiarlty intention equals greater miiarlty threat versus greater economic desperation producing greater population threat of invasiion and usery).I'm no miiarlty strategist, however. Obviously, if and when there's miiarlty threat sufficient by China upon the U.S., as with from anywhere else, the utensil of bombing Tokyo will be available, as terrible as that implication may be. It DID work on Japan's blustery-gone-violent, however.

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