Remaindered Links for Friday 01 Dec 2006

The Race to Create a ‘Smart’ Google | How certain marketers and web programmers are really finding the gold in drawing the lines between your online and offline habits, preferences, and attitudes. It’s just another upsell waiting to happen around the corner.

Kettle Chips Beta | Yes. Beta Potato Chips. Shep picked them up and said they were pretty damn good. Why pay $20 for potato chips? Because, as Cabel put it, these are beta potato chips people! [ via Cabel’s Blog ]

Global Design Rockstars |Where the money is at in design. Hong Kong and India have us beat once you equalize the salaries. But we’re not doing too shabby.

CrossOver Mac | A tool to let you run Windows applications without a copy of Windows. Too good to be true? Give it a whirl and let me know

Mind Petals | A bunch of young entrepreneurs rocking out ideas to spark your mind.

Web 2.0 Design Is Disposable Design | Here’s one way to light a fire. A great article that discusses how design has gone to trend following instead of designing something that will be timeless and great. Compares Design and Jay-Z. Good read.

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