Move to Mephisto

I’ve used MovableType for a LONG time. This site has been a conglomeration of hacks of PHP and Movable Type backend trickery. It’s not that I do not love MovableType. I do. It’s incredibly powerful at some things. But it’s just started to fall under its own weight. Finally, I’m moving on.

I’m moving to Mephisto – A nifty lightweight blog engine written by Rick Olson. Rick is part of the Ruby on Rails core team and a great programmer whose plugins have made the production pipeline a reality.

As for why the change? Why now? I wanted to go for less. I always had massive sections of the site that I never updated on the old boboroshi. I wanted something nice and easy that I could extend on my own writing some simple Ruby code.

The downside is that there is no Movable Type to Mephisto converter right now. So I had to use Typo (another Ruby on Rails blog engine) to bridge the gap. Yes I could have written a conversion script. But I’m tired.

I lost 4 articles and 10 comments somewhere going to Typo. But I don’t know which ones those are. Alas. The deed is done. So from now on, we’ll be riding on rails with Mr. Mephisto.

For those of you attempting to play along at home, you will run into one issue where some commenter author_ips are empty. Simple way to fix this is before running your Mephisto conversion script, open up a mysql shell and do

UPDATE ip WITH "" IN contents WHERE ip = "";

I think that’s right. Oh well, it’ll tell you if it’s wrong.

You might have also noticed that I cleaned up the design and added a lot more images to the header rotation. The old site was starting to look a bit bland, but I didn’t want to redo it completely. So this is how you get it. Refreshed, yet familiar.

Delicious like apples.

  1. Daniel Miller says:

    or tangerines?
    So cheap and JU!cy!

  2. Daniel Miller says:

    Mephisto doesn't like exclamation points?


    HA! etc. HA!etc. HA!cetc (<--just trying to help)

  3. John Athayde says:

    I don't know. It might be Liquid or Textile messing up. The body of the comment takes textile formatting.

  4. Daniel Miller says:

    Yeah, I thought of that but didn't think to look at the source! It's making an image with my exclam-cy:

    JU&lt;img src="cy" alt=""&gt;

  5. John Athayde says:

    Ah yes. A string inside exclamation points


    turns into an image call with Textile. Here's the markup reference

  6. Limuel says:

    Aww man, no Atom feed?And no redirect from the old feed URLs to the new ones? I only nietcod you switched (instead of just going silent) because I got curious about my aggregator’s 404 icon on your feed.

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