Remaindered Links for Friday 08 Dec 2006

So you want to be a design strategist? | An article discussing the skills required to move out of straight design and into strategy. Basically a requirement for running your own shop.

Mac OS X for Astrophysicists | For no good reason, I found this to be quite interesting. It used to be that the high level computing was left to obscure unix mainframes in the bowels of NASA research facilities. Now, probably due to a combination of a BSD-based Unix core and ease of usability of the operating system, Macs are breaking into new places. Also of note (linked from the article): Mac OS X for Physicists, HIgh Performance Computing for Mac OS X, and Mac OS X for Oceanographers and Atmospheric Scientists. Who knew?

ZeroShock III 15-Inch Widescreen Noebook Sleeve | Daddy wants one of these.

The Lost Art of Film Editing | With Final Cut Pro and other NLEs as standard and low-cost packages, the art and craft of film editing has been lost to anyone who can throw two movie clips after each other.

Mocks Aren’t Stubs | Martin Fowler explains why mock objects in software development should not be used as stubs.

  1. Vaishanvi says:

    Trish, I think mince pies are not as big a part of Christmas in the US as they are in Australia or Great Britain. Any readers out there who can fill us in on crruent trends in England, Ireland and/or Scotland? In the little town in Michigan where I was raised, many of the earliest settlers were from Yorkshire, England, and Scotland, and a few from Ireland. To them, mincemeat was always a part of Christmas. I know that my mother-in-law loved mincemeat pie. I inherited that love from her! I used to make mincement pie for her when I was younger and had a huge garden. I found a recipe that used green tomatoes and golden raisins and apples rather than meat. I canned it and made mincemeat pie every Christmas, much to my mother-in-law's delight. And mine. What about other areas of the US? Can anyone fill us in? My family (Dad's side) is from the South so pecan rules! My grandfather lived to be ninety and always shucked the pecans for us. The pecans were fresh off his sister's pecan trees, light and tender. They always seemed to taste better than storebought pecans. But you have to work hard to get off the double hulls.Any other favorite pie traditions? Or holiday treats that seem to make Christmas very special for you? I have learned to make Stollen to celebrate the German-slavic-Jewish roots on my mom's side. How about fruitcake? Thumbs up or Thumbs down? Blessings, Sue

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