Remaindered Links for 15 Dec 2006

A Satirical look at a Web Worker’s Day | Sounds like the early days of Meticulous… kinda. Except there as no significant other walking in the door most of the time, and I had no money to dine out. And was at work until abou 10:45pm. Oh well. Close.

The Formula: What if you built a machine to predict hit movies? | Malcolm Gladwell writs a great article on a system that can predict the success of a movie based on a script. Make yourself feel small as a writer. There’s a reason that classic myth frameworks still work in story telling. 3000 years and counting on populatirty can’t be wrong.

Human Computation | A cool lecture about how bulk human computation can beat computer networks.

Microsoft Rips off Apple’s Workgroup Manager Icon | If you’re gonig to steal, steal from someone that no one knows exists.

1500 Music Videos from the 80s | Watch to your heart’s content.

Apache 2.2 vhost Setup for Mongrel Clusters | For those of you playing in the mongrel/rails/apache sandbox

  1. Luciano says:

    An entertaining and pogainnt piece. I resonate with writing being a ticket to heaven. Letting the words flow, unstopped and appreciative, lets us turn impressions into tangibles and urges into celebrations.Leanne Huntb4s last blog post ..Like? 0

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