Remaindered Links for 22 Dec 2006

Colorize your irb shell | Add syntax-highlighting to your irb ruby shell (via iamrice)

The top 25 Music Videos of 2006 | Pitchfork does it up showing the best of the videos that probably never got one spin on MTV and it’s sibling stations. Yay for the interweb.

Edward Tufte Presentation Tips | A series of tips on how to present in front of an audience. Lose those nervous habits and rock that crowd!

Microsoft’s new EULA is Wiggity Whack | I can only imagine the calls some of my friends will receive from their parents or grandparents saying “it just stopped working!” Not exactly a good way to treat your users.

Secure Your Email via SSH Tunnels | If you’re paranoid about your password being grabbed on a shared wi-fi connection (and you should be), this article shows you how to set up a tunnel manager and keep everything nice and encryted.

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