Remaindered Links for 29 Dec 2006

Saturnalia | A Roman/Pagan holiday with very probably ties to Christmas.

Grow Your Own 1-Up Mushroom | Not sure what will happen if you ingest it, but still pretty cool.

A Whole Smattering of Job Sites | Cameron Moll’s new Authentic Jobs plus old stallwart 37signals job board and the completely-unrelated-to-web-2.0 CG Society Jobs for the animator in all of us.

SuperSmack | a MySQL (and other) database benchmarking utility. Smack that database up an see how it performs.

Chocolate can do great things for your whole body | YESSSSS! So that entire tub of fudge my mom left me for the holidays? OH SO JUSTIFIED in eating it.

Mephisto Post Pinger plugin | One of a few plugins by Mark Guzman that provides good pinging functionality.

  1. Deepak says:

    Sue Border's here is the only one you see people siittng around the other book store's that are quite big do not encourage that and there's no chairs around plus no coffe spots only Border s.I have another question.With Xmas celebrations do you make mince pie's? It's very big over here.

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