Another Year Gone

Well, 2006 came and went pretty quickly. It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was writing last year’s list about what I was going to do this year. Some I hit, some I missed, some I couldn’t predict.

1. Read a book a month (at least)

Well, I got ten books done. 9 of those by July. So if I wouldh have kept it up, I would have done this fine. I also, however, have about 8 books that I’ve started and am working through. So close.

2. Take better care of myself (physically, mentally, and spiritually)

Well, I did eat better this year. Was bad about going to the gym tho. I need to get back in shape for rock and roll so this should be more focused in 2007. Seeing that it’s New Years Eve and I’m home on antibiotics with a sinus cold would say: didn’t do this one properly.

3. Seek truth in all things

Check. I really cut out a lot of bullshit this year. It’s amazing how much more productive you can be when you just ignore the stupid voices that surround you.

4. Work on the house

Well, we’re almost done with the Kitchen. We redid the basement. And I’m painting a banister

5. Not commit to projects I don’t have the energy, time, or desire to adequately attend to

Hahhaha. Oops.

6. Get a movie deal with Kory and my sister

Well, we did pitch to Blue Sky/20th Century Fox and a few other places. That’s a great start for a bunch of 20 somethings.

7. Love

This is much harder than it sounds. It’s very difficult for me to be completely positive when I haven’t taken care of myself. If my body is weak, my mind gets shuttered. And I go grumpy sometimes. So this links in directly with number 2. It’s easy to fall in love. It’s much harder to love.

I also ended up growing the team at work from 6 to 15 and learning a lot about myself and other people along the way. I got to play the 9:30 Club with Juniper Lane and started playing bass again with Honor by August.

So, the completely unrealistic and unreasonable list for 2007:

  1. Get in shape by March
  2. Showcase with Honor by August and hopefully get signed
  3. Stabilize the team at work
  4. Balance work and non-work life better
  5. Get Kory’s film into production
  6. Finish the Rotoscope record
  7. Celebrate life a little more.

Happy new year everyone. May it bring you peace and prosperity. And rock and roll.

  1. Chirita says:

    - Bright light, green field without any open shade, you are ainamzg these turned out so well, you've inspired me to shoot in not great conditions!! thanks for the kick in the pants.

  2. Hayat says:

    Ne3o gostei dessa neolva, principalmente da Carla, pois em todo show ela abre as pernas como se fosse dane7ar ballet .todos tem seu defeito o da Carla eu je1 disse agora vou dizer o da Alice .ela e8 muito sei le0 tipo menininha .o da Roberta c8 que ela se veste muito Pedro e9 que ele ne3o tem nada a ver com a Alice.o do diego e8 que ele tambem nao tem nada a ver com a roberta e o do thomas e que ele tambem nao tem nada a ver com a carla!ninguem pode me julgar pois esse e o MEU comentario!bjo.bjo,bjo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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