Remaindered Links for 05 Jan 2007

Lots of linkage today. This is what you get for being sick over the holiday and doing a LOT of browsing and RSS catchup.

Lounge 72 2007 Calendar | Print out a funky design for any month of the year. I personally like April, September, October, and November. (sent by .sara)

Refresh DC | A community in Washington DC of web designers, developers and new media professionals. I’m gonna start going to this!

BestBuy Implements a Results Only Work Environment | David Seah’s post about this reminded me of an article I read in Workforce Magazine about Best Buy’s Results Only Work Environment (or ROWE) implementation. Work is not how many hours you put in, but what you accomplish. Want to work remote? Cool. Want to work at night? Cool. Just hit the numbers. The surprising thing? Productivity and retention are up at Best Buy in divisions using ROWE.

Adobe CS3 Icons Debacle | Boy have people gotten their panties in a bunch (sorry about that order, Jason). Bram’s got a much better link roundup abbout the whole thing.

Harry, Hermione and Ron go Goth | That’s a bit disturbing. Ron looks quite androgynous and they all have freaky grey/green eyes.

Internet Explorer Unsafe for 284 Days in 2006 | Just another reason to switch to Firefox

Docking Station for the Mac Book Pro | The ThinkPad jockeys have had these forever. Plug yoru stuff into the dock, then plug your mac into the doc. Pick it up and go. If it only were not $300, I’d be so down.

Free Ringtone Maker | Make your own ring tone of that one song that everyone in your life absolutely hates. Enjoy the pummeling every time you get a phone call.

Flight Patterns | Animation of flight patterns as seen by the FAA but parsed through After Effects and Maya.

Getting Screwed Selling Your App | Note to self, don’t ever work with Brian Ball of macZOT.

  1. Cindy Li says:

    Re: Refresh dc... come on out! :)and introduce yourself to Jason Garber and the rest of the refresh people!

  2. John Athayde says:

    Thanks Cindy! I definitely will!

  3. Holly says:

    I do find that I go back and forth between geenrs, especially depending on the time of year. (Summer, mysteries. Winter, long historicals, etc.) So I understand what you mean about reading a variety. Like I read on a T-shirt once, So many books, so little time!

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