The Post-It Note Jaguar

!{border:1px solid black;} (The Jaguar Emblem with post it surround, photo by Scott Ableman)!

Well, InPhonic has a bit of a history of practical jokes. The upper management and sales teams love to prank each other. I’m surprised that more violence does not erupt from some of the the stunts these guys pull.

Right before Christmas, someone had a bright idea to cover the house counsel’s Jaguar in post-it notes from bumper to bumper. Something liek 14,000 post-it notes. Mission accomplished and posted to Flickr and we thought “well, that was fun.”

Over the new year holiday, I got an IM from my boss telling me that the flickr set got put into digg and was up to a few hundred diggs. In a matter of hours it had broken 900 and was on the front page. Today Dave Barry posted it on his blog. DAVE. F—KING. BARRY. I mean, I’ve read this guy’s column in the paper since I was a kid. Wow.

And then, the creme-de-la-creme of the whole thing. We got linked up on Boing Boing.

Now, I have to give my boss credit for pushing this out the web in the first place. But that just goes to show you, you never know what is going to happen when you work at InPhonic. Now where did I put that tub of butter…

UPDATE: ABC News picked up a story and also has a video and Scott added a page about the ABC story on Flickr

UPDATE 2: Yahoo Pick of the day is InPhonic’s Post It Note Jaguar

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