Remaindered Links for 12 Jan 2007

Gotham Rounded | The family is great, but this is just 1930s textbook delicious. Great new typeface from Hoefler Frere-Jones.

Ask Why | The word that agency peeps dread. Ask them “why?” Why would you do this obscenely expensive idea that hurts your brand?

Design Patterns in Ajax | Two great resources (courtesy of Craig Berlingo). The Yahoo Design Pattern Library and Welie Patterns in Interaction Design. Good tools for web application designers.

Fab Prefab | Pre fab modern housing that looks really cool. Modular housing never looked so good. And the price is pretty good as well.

50 Beautiful CSS Based Web Designs in 2006 | INspiration and design sexiness from last year. A lot of good looking stuff.

Nikon Coolpix s10 | The coolpix line has come a long way. Very very sexy. Very tempted. Very.

  1. Gabbi says:

    :Sounds like you had a perfect llttie getaway! I have had Eva Moves the Furniture on my stacks for a while. I really need to move it up then huh?! Oh and I hope you enjoy Sleep, Pale Sister. Such an enjoyable book!

  2. bviejjvs says:

    9fodIx <a href="">ctthkizeuaik</a>

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