Daddy Wants an iPhone

After almost two years of the rumor mills spinning, Apple finally announced their iPhone. This just looks awesome. I actually can start to move to one super digital device that will control everything. This, of course, equates to something that I will more than likely misplace and spend four days curled up in the fetal position on the floor until I notice it under an upside down shoe.

And since I work at a cell phone e-tailer, it looks like we’re going to sell the iPhone

Oh yeah! :) So, hello bosses. We loves you. But we wants the iPhone.

  1. Waldo Jaquith says:

    I am certainly getting one. If I can get one. I've been trying to get a Wii for some time now, and that's certainly not panning out. Today I tried <em>six</em> stores, and not a one had 'em.

  2. Abelardo says:

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