"Eplilogue" Recording

When I wrote Apollo in March of last year, I got the idea to use it to open up the (will be finished this year if it’s the last thing I do) Rotoscope record. I had written this tune “Epilogue” to end the record, but it just felt odd when I put it all in an iTunes playlist. The record started so ambient and different and then just ended abruptly. So I re-recorded “Epilogue” and added a four minute outro that bookends the record nicely. In a classical approach, you’ll hear some of the thematic elements from “Apollo” make a reappearance here.

Epilogue MP3 (10 MB)

  1. John says:

    it's good... reminds me a bit of the concept behind 'brother woodrow/closing prayer' from 'gentlemen' by the afghan whigs in the incorporation of thematic elements from the album in the closer. that, or 'space dye vest' from 'awake' by dream theater, but i figured you were more familiar with the afghan whigs :)

    i think in terms of structure in the song tho it would benefit from breaking the 'pop' song away from the 'god moving over the face of the waters' portion of the song. transition them maybe, but treat them as two movements of a musical score rather than one song.

  2. Masha says:

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