Remaindered Links for 26 Jan 2007

Buy by color | Etsy is an online store to purchase handmade things. One of the ways you can shop is by color. Their interface for doing so is pretty cool. It gives you a grid of color dots that expand as you move over them. Click on one and it shows you products associated with that color. I’m sure the manual tagging that must occur for this to work is very time consuming, but it provides for a great setup for those that know the colors they like.

Quantam Mechanics and You | After watching What the Bleep (per the recommendation of Ted Comerford) I started doing some research into Quantam mechanics and realized I was in way over my head. But I will one day use the images of Hydrogen Atom Orbitals for a record design. Cool geometric plans.

Things my Boyfriend Says | This is simply classic. Some of these one liners should be part of a sitcom. (via .sara via kottke)

Make your own Star Wars Trailer | This is just too much fun.

George McGovern Rips Bush | Great great speech he gave to the National Press Club with such quality snipets as:

Mr. President, Sir, when reporter Bob Woodward asked you if you had consulted with your father before ordering our army into Iraq you said, “No, he’s not the father you call on a decision like this. I talked to my heavenly Father above.” My question, Mr. President: If God asked you to bombard, invade and occupy Iraq for four years, why did he send an opposite message to the Pope? Did you not know that your father, George Bush, Sr., his Secretary of State James Baker and his National Security Advisor General Scowcroft were all opposed to your invasion? Wouldn’t you, our troops, the American people and the Iraqis all be much better off if you had listened to your more experienced elders including your earthly father? Instead of blaming God for the awful catastrophe you have unleashed in Iraq, wouldn’t it have been less self-righteous if you had fallen back on the oft-quoted explanation of wrongdoing, “The devil made me do it?”

Love. It.

Choose Your Own Adventure iPod Version | The Abominable Snowman choose your own adventure game for iPod for free download.

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