Remaindered Links for 02 Feb 2007

Google and the Golden Ratio | Marissa Meyer from Google talks about various topics on user experience including the golden ratio. Nice to see classical ideas coming out in discussion of design again. (via Mike Hill and Google Blog)

Imitating a Scanner Darkly | A tutorial on how to do the rotoscope technique similar to the film A Scanner Darkly.

Logo Design Trends for 2007 | Now go make some cliched logos. For extra credit, add a swoosh. (via BJ Cave)

What Google Video #1 Place Gets You | So, not much changes. Sex still sells no matter what you do.

New Guitar Toys | This pedal is based off a late 70s Boss Slow Gear pedal. It emulates the person hitting a string and slowly rocking the volume pedal (or spinning the knob with the pinky). Oh. So. Cool.

  1. Brianna says:

    Hmmm... finally the films that I would have aciperpated your appreciating them.:)In case you come down south to Pune, you can get all of Haneke's works.;)Also recommend Linklater's Waking Life ... as well as Jacob's Ladder ( Not Linklater )... in case you have read the Ambrose Bierce story.

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