Remaindered Links for 09 Feb 2007

Utah Abortion Ban says Women are at Fault for Pregnancy | Gotta love going back to the dark ages. Someone saying “”">I don’t know that you could criminally punish him because she got pregnant" is just disturbing. There has only been one immaculate conception virgin birth on record, and that’s not even admissible in a court of law. Looks like Utah is hoping to get Roe v. Wade overturned.

Steve Jobs Thoughts on Music | Steve Jobs throws down the gauntlet in regards to DRM. Also, an opinion piece on Wired in regards to some of the potential opportunities with the Apple v. Apple Corps settlement.

The 8 Types of Bad Creative Critics | I’ve seen every single one of these over the years. (via Juliana)

More Post-it Note Fun | Microsoft’s Mac unit gets a post it note birthday present.

iConcertCal | A program that looks at your iTunes and tells you when upcoming shows are happening in predefined areas.

  1. Mike says:

    I must find a different means of procrastinating with nancies down.

    Trivial trivia for the evening:
    --the Immaculate Conception concerns Mary's conception and how she was redeemed before birth, given the gift (so to speak) of living a life without sin. It is, however, often confused with the virgin birth.

  2. Asuka says:

    Dear ShamnadPlease don't worry about this clause,you are fiintghg for a great cause;As a bookseller, publisher and an importer of books, this clause is going to bring down the prices of the books. Please read DD's blog, I have just given it a poetic form.

  3. Hari says:

    Apparently, donations to the ALP from bssuneis have crashed (by 2/3 since last year to $1.5million), which personally I think is a huge step backwards. ;-}Apoparently, though, donations to the Libs from the reource induistry and clubs/hotels is up to %5million. There's a comforting thought.Isn't democracy grand?

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