Faces of Our City

Charlotte, North Carolina has an interesting installation going on right now at the courthouse. There’s an installation called “faces of Charlotte” and every once in a while the smaller heads make a large face. Check out the video about it or peep the slideshow. (via Justin Hankins drive-by instant messaging)

  1. Leonardo says:

    Aesthetics aside, I'd think an unexpected deenerrtt (hidden seat retention device) would be more effective than a visible one*. If it's visible, the thief knows what they're up against from the get go, and can walk up prepared; if it's hidden, they might walk up, give the seat a yank, and decide it's not worth the time and effort to figure out what's retaining the seat and how to bypass it.* I'm only applying this in this specific context, not extrapolating to retention of wheels, bicycles, etc. and visibility of methods thereof.

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