Remaindered Links for 23 Feb 2007

Microscopic Chain Mail | A new fabric opportunity that could be used for myraid applications from the street to the battlefield.

Why Corn-based Ethanol is Bad for America | A great article about why Ethanol isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. (via Waldo)

The Man who Fell 12,000 Feet and Lived | A skydiver falls 12,000 feet with a partially deployed parachute and lives to tell the tale. (via Matt Boswell)

A tale of Two Cities | Time lapse photography of Los Angeles and San Francisco. California dreamin’… (via .sara)

DownThisVideo | Use this tool to grab videos from YouTube and other social sharing sites. (via Mays)

  1. Masaru says:

    Trish, to answer your qiostuen, larger bookstores usually do have an area where they sell specialty coffees and teas and various confections. They also have chairs and a few small tables situated around the store. Smaller stores don't have space for these accommodations, or perhaps have a reading/play area only in the children's book section. I have been in several small book stores that were crammed with books, but also had a sitting area at the front of the store. One had a fireplace with hearthside chairs.

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