Remaindered Links for 02 Mar 2007

Snow Over the NE United States | This satellite image shows the ground cover after a massive snow and ice storm that we suffered through two weeks ago. (via .sara)

Longer School Days Under Review in Congress | There’s a pilot program in Congress right now that extends the school day to eight hours and starts pushing some alternate education methods and intermingles more hands on learning with traditional schooling. The results? Higher test scores.

Magnetic Poster Wall | A DIY project with magnetic paint turns any wall into a magnetic wall to hang things upon. Keep those hard drives away!

Portable Apps | A series of applications on a portable flash USB device, iPod etc. that you can plug and play on any Windows system. I don’t use windows that often, but it would be nice to have my own apps when I am forced to do so. (via Chris Sullivan)

Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein | Just funny. The Swiss Army accidently stepped into Liechtenstein, which is smaller than Washington DC.

  1. Princes says:

    , that each state needs to be considered on an iivudidnal basis.Brumby suffered from the perception that a vote for Brumby was a vote for a hung parliament. Might have got away with it if the Greens leader had had credibility but At a general level Labor seems to have collectively taken a small target approach. However, the Labor vote started plummeting when the ETS was dropped without an alternative and Labor moved its immigration policy towards the Abbott position.Labor badly needs some differentiation from the conservatives. The smart thing that Abbott did was convince coalition supporters that he actually stood for the things that they wanted result was a band of enthusiastic supporters. By contrast Gillard, Bligh and Keneally seem to be doing their best to piss off Labor supporters in their rush to win over a few hard core conservatives.

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