Remaindered Links for 09 Mar 2007

You CAN Put Your Keyboard in the Dishwasher | We have a bunch of dead keyboards due to various soda and/or alcohol spills. Going to give this a whirl. They’re dead already, so there’s not much to lose. (inspired by Waldo’s post from 2 years ago)

Ferm Living | Cool site, cool products. .sara loves the stickers.

Unreleased Jimmy Page Riff to Save Rock ‘n’ Roll | They’re going to release it. And it will save the world. (via Jeff)

Creating Great Black and White from Color Photos | A really good technique on migrating photos from color to black and white. Instant Anton Corbijn. (via .sara and hankins)

God as evolutionary creation? | An interesting article looking at not whether or not God exists, but how did the notion of God show up in humanity. Did the concept and realization of God grow out of evolution? Talk about chicken and the egg. This will have Creationists and Darwinists swarming for a long time.

A Faster Way to speed up Apple Mail | This quick trick speeds up Apple’s program. Yay!

  1. chris says:

    Didn't realize almonds were so heavily dependent on bee pollination, though. o.O

  2. Abdul says:

    :I remember this book!! I might even have read it ..I went thruogh a phase of reading lots of Canadian books in my late teen years, and I know I came across this book. Now I might look for it again ..thanks for the review! And I'm on book 8 of the Canadian Challenge, the furthest I've ever gotten!

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