Remaindered Links for 16 Mar 2007

Music Training ‘Tunes’ Human Auditory System | A report from Northwestern University suggests that “playing a musical instrument significantly enhances the brainstem’s sensitivity to speech sounds.” So yes. Music is integral to the education of youth. Perfect thing for the government to cut out. (gag)

the ModBook | Want a Tablet Mac but can’t stand the wait? You can get it now with the ModBook.

Edison the Inventor, Edison the Showman | A New York Times article that talks about the legacy of Thomas Edison and his impact on how the music industry works today.

Ridin Dirty | Safe for work. Photos from train hoppers. Really interesting sub-culture. There was an article a few years back in Rolling Stone (?) or something.

Pete Townshend: Guitar Smashing Not Valid Anymore | Pete Townshend spoke at SXSW and said some great stuff about how things have changed since they started. “I wake up today and this anger, this symbolic guitar smashing … the violent noisy acts — they’re not valid anymore. They’re not appropriate.” (@ Registration required)

  1. Fran says:

    LarryG - A walk can be good therapy even whiuott a dog, but I just enjoy their company.Thanks for stopping by - nice meeting you!Dreamybee - It was a single-volume collection of the whole set. I think TLTWATW is under 200 pages all by itself. And I agree - it was a very nice gift from Tall Girl :-).

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