Just When I Said I Was Done With Social Networking...

So a few months back someone sent me an invite to yet ANOTHER social networking site. It told me that I would be a bad friend if I didn’t subscribe to their service.

I deleted it about 1.47 seconds.

I was ready to swear off social networking. MySpace already infuriates me in having to attempt to hack five levels of nested tables for clients who want it to look as if I wrote the original app. Friendster has been relegated to has-been. And classmates.com ? Please. I don’t care that she married him or she’s a model or OMFG SHE HAS SEVEN KIDS!!!? I don’t want to have to guess an update. I don’t have time. Tell me and let me move on with my life of performance reports, purchase orders, and the occasionally break in which the author gets to play with Photoshop CS3 beta or Ruby on Rails and long for a time of freedom and financial destitution. Also known as 2001 – 2004 AD.

So you can predict my response when Alisa sent me an invite to join Twitter. It was a nice predictable


And then I started talking to people. And reading blog posts about the interesting aspects of it. So I shuffled over and said “ok” and joined up. And it’s pretty damn cool. It’s not going to solve world hunger, or make chimichangas appear on demand (hence solving world hunger), but it is a nice way to keep up with a group of people and what basic stream of consciousness occurs.

It’s like a sort of public journal, or my very own A Year With Swollen Appendicies. One wonders if this technology existed at the time, would Eno have used it instead of traditional media? Probably not based on his entire aversion to the populous, but this is a journal that allows one to “think in hypertext”1.

Then enter tools like Twittervision and TwitterMap and you’ve got a global through network appearing. Mmmm cheese. Monkeys rule. Are those real? I could use a coffee right now. That dog has fleas. Whatever. It’s a monitor on a select group of the global consciousness. Yet, it’s self edited. This could be one very interesting sociology thesis.

Since I had already gone back to the addiction, I figured I might as well go whole hog. I also joined Virb, which is a site made by PureVolume that actually has a good back end UI and a lot of presentation control. Too bad Murdoch/Fox just won’t either 1.) fix MySpace or 2.) trash it and write one hell of a migration script to a better platform.

So I swore off social networking, but I’m an addict. It was only a matter of time until I came back for more.

1 I put this in quotes because it’s a Waldo quote from him describing Peter Griesar in an article he wrote at nancies.org

  1. jeff says:

    Twitter seems like one of those things that's a great idea at first until you get to the point where you realize that you have nothing to talk to your friends about because you've told the whole world everything already.

  2. John Athayde says:

    Ah interesting point Jeff. So does it become website as living room?

    "Come over and look at my pictures from the trip," she said. "No thanks. I already saw them all on Flickr," I replied.

  3. jeff says:

    exactly. I hope your sinus cold gets better.

    -see what i mean?-

  4. Venkatesh says:

    Thanks Lee. Yeah, hopefully this is more in line with the kind of thing we want to write about as enveeicdd by a record number of posts today. At some point we're going to start inviting guest writers if you're interested.

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