Remaindered Links for 23 March 2007

Shut Up I Hack You | Lauren at work sent this one over. Just a hilarious wannabe hacker with the alias of “bitchchecker” who does himself in by trying to ruin someone else’s machine and in doing so, screwing himself. Note kids: is localhost.

Serverskine | This Mac app is a phenomenal tool I wish I had five years ago to keep track of all those different logins, passwords, and IP addresses.

Bandwagon | An application which backs up your iTunes library to Amazon’s s3 service. Pay as you go, no space limit. Now people are starting to think!

How to make Square corners in CSS | A spoof from on how to make square corners. (via SimpleBits)

Under the hood at the new AIGA | now this is what a nice CMS can look like. Making notes for future client development.

Funny Twitter error images | Twitter’s 404 and 500 error images. (Thanks to technoweenie and mattly on the 500 one) BONUS: Twitter System Maintainance

Quicktime Gets 720P HD Export mode | For AppleTV goodness!

Leopard removes InputManager access | OS X 10.5 will remove InputManagers from the field, which will cut out some really innovative third-party additions. (via Doug March & Jon Hicks)

COPA is no more | Thankfully, the courts are striking down ambiguous laws instead of creating a litany of case law to qualify the poorly written law.

  1. Tom says:

    Shut up I hack you? That's the funniest thing I've ever read! :)

  2. Caren says:

    oi carla tudo bem com vc gostaria muito de te ver de erto eu sou a sua mleohr fe3 bj menina vc vai fazer mais sucesso ainda do que vc je1 faz bj grande abrae7o .. te amo carla

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