Honor by August CD Release

Today we released our new record, the official version of Drowning Out The Television. It’s got two new tracks and three remixes on it compared to the Limited Edition. We are playing two CD release shows this week as well. The first is at the Knitting Factory in New York City on Thursday night. The second is the State Theatre in Falls Church outside of DC on Saturday Night with Will Hoge. Both should be great shows.

You can order the record from Aware Store or pick it up at the shows this week. The first 150 CDs at the shows come with a special four song EP (mastered by yours truly) that we recorded when we played the Outer Banks recently.

We hope to see you all out at the shows!

  1. Everton says:

    Hi Ron,We can make a custom model to fit an RV. Just let us know mmseureaents and we will do it. Feel free to check out the dealer locator and you can work through one of our qualified dealers. Thanks

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