Random Ruby/Rails Links

Here’s some stuff I’ve found or re-read in the last few weeks that I just want to put out there.

Understanding the Rails Initialization Process: Part I | Rick’s write up lets you see how things load up, which can help identify where some of those hiccups occur in your Rails app.

Understanding Ruby Symbols | Moving into Ruby from PHP is a bit of a jump, and took me some getting used to Ruby’s symbols and how they are used in the grand scheme of things. Kevin Clark’s article on this is great.

Using the Sphinx Search Engine in Ruby on Rails | Sphinx is a full-text search engine that integrates with SQL databases. And it appears to be the bomb.

MySQL Proxy | Jan Kneschke put out this new tool that allows you to make requests via a proxy (and therefore alter or inject the query or fix bugs on the fly). Eventually he will be building in load balancing to the proxy.

Chad Fowler’s Talk on Quick & Clean | Chad’s talk from the UK on Quick & Clean, or “well-factored Rails” code.

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