AJAX reading Links

Here’s a bunch of links that came through from the guys at EightShapes in regards to some of the Ajaxification we’re about to being on our storefront at Wirefly / InPhonic.

Yahoo Graded Browser Support | This is Yahoo’s assessment of which browsers are capable of more advanced features. A good way to plan what you are going to support.

AJAX SEO and Accessibility Considerations | If you’re like me, the idealist in you thinks everything should be usable and accessible. Here’s some notes on issues with advanced web applications.

AJAX and SEO | What to do about SEO on your AJAX site?

Adobe Flash Player Version Penetration | Eh, numbers from the horses mouth, but pretty interesting never the less.

Unobtrusive Javascript | Write better code, now!

Progressive Enhancement | What it is and Steve Champeon and Nick Finck’s SXSW03 Presenation

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