Remaindered Links for 13 Apr 2007

The Most Amazing Pics from StumbleUpon | Some really amazing photos collected over the web.

Using SSHKeychain Quickstart | A great guide to setting up key authentication with servers you contact on a regular basis. Less worry!

Supermarket 2.0 | Web apps hit supermarket in this mashup.

Google 411 | So Google really is taking over the world. It’s just a matter of time before you have the GoogleMart and Google Foods and Google Air.

No One Belongs Here More Than You | Miranda July’s new website promoting her book. For those of you who’ve seen Me, You and Everyone We Know you’ll understand the comedy.

Google Earth and Darfur Awareness | Google Earth now has a large amount of information related to the genocide in Darfur. They’ve got a partnership going with the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to put this information into the public’s hands. Great way to use a program to push home a point.

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