Remaindered Links for 20 Apr 2007

UCSC Engineering Building Attacked by Donkey Kong | In the vein of other great post-it note pranks, the students at at UCSC turned the front of their engineering building into a Donkey Kong screen.

Undercover | LoJack for your Mac. Some impressive features.

Mapping Google | An under-the-hood look at Google Maps and how it achieves the amazing results we all know and love.

The Guggenheim New York Needs Is Cracking | New York Times infoporn on Frank Lloyd Wright’s NY museum and how it desperately needs a restoration.

WTFPL | Do What the F—- You Want To Public License. As open as it really gets. Excessive dropping of the F-bomb, so if your network gets sniffed be careful.

Ruby 1.9 Performance | Holy crap that looks good. 2.5x speed bump in Ruby 1.9 from 1.8.×. Go go gadget programmers!

  1. Jeffro says:

    that's a lotta crack in the Guggenheim...

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